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Total price
2 499 000 PLN
Total area
12 011 m2

The subject of the sale are undeveloped plots of real estate located in Lędziny, Opole Voivodeship, Opole County, Chrząstowice commune, registration unit 160901_2, Lędziny, registration district 0087, Lędziny, map sheet 2 at ul. Wielokowa, marked as plots number 267 with an area of 0.5710 ha and number 264 with an area of 0.6301 ha. Total area 1.2011 ha.

The property intended for sale is located within the geodetic area, map sheet 2. In the immediate vicinity of the property there is a well-formed and emerging single-family residential development. The plot is undeveloped and unfenced, with a shape similar to a trapezoid, has direct access to a public road - Wierzkowa Street with a gravel surface, and access to the existing public utilities (energy, gas, water and sewage networks). Access conditions are good. The terrain is slightly sloped.

The property in question is covered by a spatial development plan.
028. regarding the adoption of the local spatial development plan for the village of Lędziny
Resolution LIV.419.2023 of 2023 -06-21
Publication: Journal Device Opole Voivodeship of June 27, 2023, item 2035 Date of entry into force: 2023-07-12

Implementation of the investment - on the property in question - in accordance with the provisions of the spatial development plan.
For single-family residential development areas, marked in the plan drawing with the symbol, 2MN , the following is established:
1) purpose : single-family residential development in a detached or semi-detached layout;
2) development lines in accordance with the plan drawing,
2MN: - minimum/maximum development intensity – 0.1/0.4, - maximum % of built-up area – 20, - minimum % of biologically active area – 60;
3) minimum area of newly allocated building plots:
- 1000 m2 – for 1 residential building in a detached layout,
- 700 m2 – for 1 residential building in a semi-detached layout;
4) principles of development development :
a) residential buildings:
- building height – up to 9 m,
- height of the upper edge of the front facade - from 3.0 m to 4.5 m,
- width of the front elevation - from 10 m in the case of ridge elevations and 8 m in the case of gable elevations, up to 20 m in 2MN areas,
- high, gable and multi-slope roofs, with a symmetrical arrangement of the main roof slopes,
b) garage, farm and utility buildings: - building height - up to 6 m, - height of the upper edge of the front facade - up to 3 m, - high or flat roofs,
c) height of remaining buildings up to 3 m;
5) detailed rules and conditions for merging and dividing real estate : minimum width of the front of the plots: - detached buildings - 20 m, - semi-detached buildings - 15 m,

  • Fencing: None
  • Overall height: 9
  • Perccent of possible development: 40
  • Local plan: Zoning plan
  • Zoning plan: Fair housing
  • Possibility of dividing: Yes
  • Available neighborhood: Shopping Center, Forest, Bazaar, Kindergarten, Church, Tennis court, Low building, River, School, Restaurant
  • Driveway type: Hardened
  • Communication: Bus
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